Flood protection - sandless flood bags

Use them to build barriers and dams – quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait until it floods you! Stock up in time!


  • Protecting of property against flooding
  • Regulating of water flow during flooding, torrential rains or snow melting: parking lots, buildings, constructions, roads, wells
  • Water removal from flooded areas: cellars, garages, underground, excavations, playgrounds, golf resorts


  • Quick preparation – up to ten minutes
  • Always at hand – simple storage in a small space
  • Simple and easy manipulation – also for physically weaker persons.
  • Multiple usage – up to 5x
  • Enviromental friendly – uncontaminated filling can be dissolved in soil
  • Top quality – specially woven cover with closeable pores does not let water out

Anti-flood sacks AquaBagStop versus sand bags

1-chamber sack

in dry condition

  • Height 1cm
  • Weight 0,26 kg

full absorption

  • Height 14cm
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Absorption time: 8 min
  • Volume 10l
  • Single chamber bags are recommended for the protection / drying of smaller areas such as doors, water shafts / wells, bathrooms and for drying of any premises.
  • E.g., to protect a door up to 100 cm from water up to a height of 25 cm, you need 6 pcs of bags.
  • Absorption time 8 minutes in case the bag is completely immersed in water.

2-chamber sack

in dry condition

  • Height 2cm
  • Weight 0,46 kg 

full absorption

  • Height 14cm
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Absorption time: 5 min
  • Volume 14l
  • The 2-chamber system allows stacking and creating a barrier or dam up to a height of 1m.
  • Metal eyelets for better manipulation or interconnection.
  • Use them to protect larger areas. E.g. to protect a garage or gate with a width of 3 meters, from the water to a height of 25 cm, you need 10 pieces of bags.
    Absorption time 5 minutes when the bag is completely immersed in water.

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