The sacks contain a special material with a high water-absorption capacity, which allows them to increase their volume when in contact with water more than 35 times within 5 minutes. Therefore their main benefit is quick deployment. 

Practically, the sacks can be used everywhere due to its environmentally safe properties. Our customers have used AquaBagStop sacks at commercial buildings, schools, nursing homes, houses, playgrounds, garages, basements, trenches, water sewers, boats, and other places.

They are able to keep water in natural stream and river beds, regulate water flow during snow melting or torrential rains, remove water from flooded areas such as cellars, garages, underground, etc. or breakdowns in buildings: failed drainage, burst pipes, flooded bathrooms, failure of washing machines, dishwashers, freezers and refrigerators.


The sacks are not suitable for protection against sea water!

The one-chamber sacks are recommended to be used for the protection of smaller or more narrow areas like doors, wells, baths, sinks.

The two-chamber sacks are recommended to be used for the protection of large areas (garages, terraces, yards, etc.)

Yes! The sacks can be reused up to 5 times. After its first use they can be dried back within 1-2 months if stored in a dry and aerated place protected from the sun and used again.

Yes! The content of the sacks are biodegradable. If the absorbed water was not contaminated, the content of the sack (gel), when mixed with the soil in
ratio of 1:50-100 (1 part of gel to 50-100 parts of soil) will actually improve the
characteristics of the soil and its water binding capacity.

Natural drainage and reuse of sacks
Hang the sacks in an airy room (protected against sun and rain). In a few weeks, water will evaporate and sacks can be used again. Drying time depends on temperature and humidity of air (app 1–2 months).

Agricultural use
In the event that floodwater has not been contaminated, pour the gel out of the bag and mix it with soil (1: 50–100). Gel improves the ability of soil to retain water near the plant root system and thus improves nutrition of during a growing season. 

Quick liquidation of AquaBagStop

Pour 5–10% calcium chloride solution (or ca 5% NaCl solution) over the sacks, which will decrease to the initial volume in 10 to 15 minutes. Then dry the sacks and take them to the dump or incineration plant.

Gradual liquidation of AquaBagStop 
Pour the gel out of the bag. Exposed to the sun, gel will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in several weeks.

Yes! The rate of the absorption depends on the contents of the liquids.
AquaBagStop sacks absorb all kinds of chemicals and gasoline. A proper disposal
of the sacks should be followed when hazardous chemicals were absorbed.

One and a half year. The material of the sacks is made of special polyster
threads that withstand high pressures, and high and low temperatures.

The sacks should be stored in the original PVC packaging at a dry and dark place. Their operating life-time is minimum 5 years. After each deployment the sacks should be dried properly and stored in a dark and dry place.

Five years limited warranty, and if properly sealed, up to 10 years.

One-chamber sacks  – 1 or 6 pieces.
Double-chamber sacks –  1, 5 or 10 pieces.
In case of larger packaging please contact us on [email protected].