Single-chamber sack


Patented product

Ideal for:
» quick drying of property after floods, water emergency situations, spills or leakage,
» instant protection of smaller spaces against flooding or torrential rains,
» cellars, entrance doors, terraces, wells, interiors.

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Bags for drying of property and flood protection:

  • Always available – simple storage in a small space.
  • Easy handling – thanks to low weight.
  • Eco-friendly – sacks consist of nontoxic, biodegradable material. In case the absorbed water was not contaminated the gel – superabsorbent can be dissolved in a soil.
  • Their special fabric with lockable pores prevents back-flow of water.
  • Multiple use – up to 5 times when stored and dried properly.
  • Soak the bags before building the barrier.
  • The sacks are not suitable for protection against sea water.

Dimensions (cm): 60 x 30 x 1/14 (length x width x height dry / soaked)
Weight (kg): 0,26/12 (dry/soaked)
Absorption capacity: up to 10l of water
Time of absorption: app 8 min

Evaluation / Certificates:

  • European patent granted by European Patent Office, Netherlands
  • Technical and toxicology certificate issued by VUSAPL, Slovakia (certification body for certification products)
  • OECD test of the absorbent (nontoxic for plants and soil) granted by absorbent supplier Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH, Germany
  • Approval of usage by Firemen and Rescuers Department, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

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