Dry out your property after flooding or water-related emergency situations

AquaBagStop sacks have a high absorption capacity = 1-chamber absorbs 10 litres of water and 2-chamber — up to 15 litres. So you can use them to remove the water from areas after flooding, leakages or other water-related situations (cellars, garages, bathrooms, industrial properties, roads etc.)

Instructions for use

In case of need or emergency take out the sacks from the PVC packaging and place them in a dry state in the flooded area. The sacks will absorb the water within a few minutes. We recommend to move the sacks from time to time to speed up the absorption process and to maximize the absorption capacity. After the usage you can dry the sacks and re-use them again.

How many do I actually need to dry out the space?  (example)

Flooded area (m2) Height of water level (cm) Volume of water (l) Number of sacks (ks) Number of sacks (ks)
1-chamber 2-chamber
10 1 100 10 7

Specs of the sacks

1-chamber 2-chamber
lenght x width x height dry/soaked (cm) 60x30x1/14 75x55x2/13
weight - dry/soaked (kg) 0,26/12 0,46/15
absorbtion capacity (l) 10 14
absorption time (min) 5 5