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Anti-flooding sacks AquaBagStop – not only for flood

Unsustainable river bed approaching your home is a big challenge. It is also annoying if you are betrayed by a washing machine, a dishwasher, or a bathtub. Water can make wrinkles on the face, especially if it threatens your home – whether it floods your garage, cellar or “just” a washing machine leaks or a pipe breaks. AquaBagStop are flood protection bags you can use not only for floods.

ABS bags – basic household equipment

flood bags, AquaBagStop protipovodňové vrecia, flood bags

Fortune favours the prepared – whether you are a victim of weather, neighbors, or your own household. AquaBagStop absorption bags are a great help in protecting property from water.

Special self-filling bags contain a substance with a high water absorption capacity, which increases its weight by more than 35-fold when in contact with water.

How does AquaBagStop work?

Sacks can be used to protect against floods and to dry the area after water-related emergency:
• a single bag can solve a home accident problem,
• 6 bags protect your cellar entrance from the big water,
• 2-chamber bags can prevent water penetration on land, yard, or garage.

The secret of the bags is the packaging that is woven from material with closable pores, which prevent backflow of water. Superabsorbent sucks water from the space where it is not desired, or the bags are specifically soaked with water in a larger container to increase their volume and prevent unwanted water flow.

Tested by professional firefighters

protipovodňové vrecia AquaBagStop, flood bags

Professional firefighters also confirmed that it really works during the flood protection exercise. However, AquaBagStop is not just for professionals.
On the contrary. Bags should be part of every home. No one is completely safe from the water’s whims. Unique absorbent bags play an important role in protection of public spaces and buildings. In particular, they have proven to be a barrier to flowing and spilled water, to drying public spaces such as playgrounds, squares. They helped in emergency situations in the home or in warehouses, garages, offices and hospitals. They can be used in case of torrential rain and to redirect the flow of water.

Flood bags – user friendly in every direction

• they do not take up much space because they measure only 60 x 30 cm (1-chamber), respectively 75 x 55 cm (2-chamber),
• they are really light, they weigh from 0.26 kilograms, so everyone can handle them,
• they do a lot of work despite the small dimensions – they can suck up to 14 liters of water within 10 minutes.
when protecting areas up to 1 meter wide – for example, doors, cellars, wells, shafts – we recommend using 1-chamber bags. Up to 25 cm water height is 6 pieces enough.
to protect larger areas – eg. garages, terraces, yards – we recommend using 2-chamber bags. Up to 25 cm water height is 10 pieces enough.

You can use flood sacks multiple times

Although you certainly do not want it, you can use AquaBagStop several times. They can serve up to five times in case of proper drying and storage. Hang the used bags in a well-ventilated place protected from the sun and rain. After a few weeks, the water is evaporated and ready for further use. The bags that you are not going to use are easy to get rid of. The content of AquaBagStop is biodegradable. If the absorbed water is not contaminated, the gel can be mixed with the soil, thus significantly improving the water-binding capacity of the soil.

Do you still hesitate to get the AquaBagStop flood protection bags to your home? People who care about the safety of their family and property already them at home.

They can help during floods and water-related emergencies:
» General public & Corporate entities
» Local & state goverments
» Other Organizations (e.g. Volunteer Fire Departments)

Who can’t we help:
» to those who think that emergency events do not concern them
» to those who do not think about the safety of their family, property and people
» to those who do not think ahead

AquaBagStop flood bags manual
Download AquaBagStop flood bags manual

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